Helios Lookbook

Thursday Rays

Iris Necklace Olive | Get Lois Charm separately in the colour of your choice.

 Iris Necklace Black | Different day different twist.

Iris Necklaces | Hand arranged tourmaline gradient.

Iris Necklace Blush | Lois Charm can be clipped in the gap provided.

Stringed with durable, near zero-stretch, and waterproof material.

Iris Necklace Black & Sophia Chain Necklace

Sophia Chain Necklace & Calypso Bracelet Salmon (worn as necklace)

Calypso Bracelet Salmon | The triple wrap bracelet that unfolds into necklace.

Thea Necklace Salmon & Calypso Bracelet Salmon

Thea Necklace Salmon | Get Lois Charm separately to your liking.


Calypso Bracelet Opaline | With Onyx and Moonstone Lois Charms

Calypso Bracelet Opaline & Salmon | Chain is handmade in 24K gold plated 97% silver.
Iris Necklace Blush & Thea Necklace Salmon
Double the charm.
Thea Necklace Salmon & Opaline
Thea Necklace Opaline | Cherish the gradient of Fluorite stones.
Thea Necklace Opaline & Sophia Necklace Opaline
Sophia Chain Necklace | Comes with one open end and a toggle bar on the other allowing you to adjust it to different sizes and styles.
Lock the toggle bar on any rectangle hoops and clip the stone charm anywhere you like.
Sophia Necklace Opaline & Salmon